Eagle: Adam Griggs

Well, here we are again another Eagle Court of Honor. There have been discussions in the past that the requirements for Eagle have gotten easier the merit badge requirements are easier the Board of Reviews are easier all because a higher percentage of young men are earning Eagle. I look around at all the Eagle Scouts here, and I say “hogwash”.

The requirements have changed. So what. So have clothes, and clothes don’t make the man. The Eagle Scouts that are here today all possess the same qualities. There is very little difference between the moral values of Max Silber and Adam Griggs. They both have a deep and lasting belief in the principles of the Scouting, the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Maybe the requirements that Max had when he earned his Eagle are different, but the outcome was the same.

When you look at an Eagle Scout, you see a proud man. You see a man who knows that there is nothing that he cannot accomplish. You see a man who will give his all for someone else, and ask only for a smile in return. You see the epitome of Scouting.

I have known Adam for quite a while. I think he actually listened the first time he heard me say that every boy is an Eagle, he just needs to prove it. Well, Sparky, you have proved it, and I am very proud of you.

Your work is not over far from it. In fact, if you consider all that you went through to get to where you are now, and weigh that against the job that I am about to give you, earning your Eagle was easy. Yes, I am giving you another job. There is no merit badge for this, or a badge of office to where. You now have to join the ranks of other Eagles, who are all performing the same job.

Adam, come up here, and stand next to me. Look out at the troop. Your troop. Some of the guys out there have been in scouting with you for a long time. A few are Eagles. Some are working on Eagle. Then there is the rest. Look out at them. There are your brothers Mike and Brandon. Mike Berry. Mike Parotta. Calvin Rioux. Your job is not with the Life Scouts at least not right now. I want you to look at the other guys. The little guys. Remember when you were that small? Remember when guys like Ron Fontaine and Shaun Whitney were the big guys? Well, you’re the big guy, now. Your job is now the same as Ron’s, and Shaun’s, and Ben’s and Matt’s, and Patrick’s, and Steve Davis’s and Max’s, and it is relatively simple. You now have to give back at least half of what you got from Scouting. Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Here’s the rub. Just when you think you are close, you will look at a guy like Mike Berry, and you will realize that he just gave you some perspective you didn’t have, and it came during a Scout meeting. That means you are back in the hole again. Then you will get close to again, and some parent will thank you for helping their son through a problem, and you are back in the hole. It will never end. The great part is, you won’t ever want it to.

There are friends that you will make in Scouting that will last a lifetime. There are stories that you will tell your grandchildren about when you were a boy, and maybe you will still laugh at the sight of Mr. Morin’s face from at least one of the stories. And you will continue on. Sounds like a tough job, doesn’t it? Personally, I think it is the best job in the world.

Congratulations Adam. Terry and Maria, you have a fine son, and I know that you are even prouder of him than I am. Troop 20, look at this young man, because you will all be here some day. You just don’t realize it yet.

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